How can I pay for the course?

Pay course online is quite simple:

  • click on the orange "Burn" button on the page of the desired micron or online course
  • In the resulting window enter the promotional code, if at the moment is the action on the course (do not forget to do it, to get the discount price!)
  • press the "Select" button and go directly to the course of the payment page
  • enter the email address of his personal office or office to which you want to attach a course (for example, as a gift to someone).
  • choose how you want to pay for the course (credit cards, electronic money, or PayPal)
  • pay

IMPORTANT! If you have not been registered, the personal account is created automatically when you pay at the address that you specified in the basket. After payment to the post office to send a letter quoting your account is activated (there you can create a password to his office to check the purchase)!

What should I do if I can not pay the card?

You can try to choose in purchasing and master-class section is not credit cards and electronic money. There right on the first tab also has credit card payments, but through another of payments aggregator.

If, however, pay for the course it is impossible to write on (with the name and the phone so you can call and quickly solve the problem).

Can I pay in installments?

In some cases, indeed, a person may not be able to pay online course in one tranche or on one card. In such a situation it is best to leave a If the body of the letter, in addition to the question, include your name and phone number, then the issue will be resolved more quickly.

How to use a promotional code?

By clicking on the orange button "enroll" for a course or workshop window appears in which the promotional code is entered (a series of numbers or letters). After this charge is reduced accordingly. It is worth remembering that the promotional offers on the master classes and video courses are strictly limited time.

Is it possible to get a discount on payment?

Payment is standard, but occasionally there are various promotions or discounts as a result of which the price can be reduced. They are not constant and often appear:

  • at start of new courses or workshops,
  • in closed groups for students have students

Typically, the action applies to training without feedback.

Any questions regarding payment can be solved quickly through

If the training pays for the legal entity as to obtain closing documents?

Write request, to obtain the necessary documents.

Will not be any problems with payment, if the payer resides abroad, because his bank card in euros or dollars, but pay in rubles?

We have the participation of students from different countries: Russia, the CIS countries, Israel, Poland, Germany, USA, etc. As a rule payment problems do not arise..

In any unclear situation, it is best to leave a

Is it safe to pay with the card on your site?

Payment is not quite on our website. By connected to several payment systems that have the certificate and performed calculations on the Internet. We use them as a service. For all the time the educational portal data payment systems complaints arose.

I am trying to pay, but the payment does not pass - there is an inscription "refusal emiteta bank card." How to buy video courses and master classes in such a situation?

The refusal of the issuing bank cards means that the payment does not pass because the bank that issued your card. This may be due to different reasons:

  • not enough money on the card,
  • a ban on transactions online for your card,
  • mistakenly indicated some data cards, etc..

You can try to choose in purchasing and master-class section is not credit cards and electronic money. There right on the first tab also has credit card payments, but through another of payments aggregator. If, however, pay for the course it is impossible to write on (with the name and the phone so you can call and quickly solve the problem).

How can I pay for the course or marathon as a gift?

A separate button "to pay a gift" is not, as a workshop or video course to anyone on your hands is not sent, and to work with him, you can only online. To make a gift, there are two options:

  1. It can simply pay and give access to the office to whom you want to give it (then, of course do not use your personal account, and create a new one on the right person with the email address you do not need)
  2. Select and pay in the basket, add email number is the one to whom you give a gift. Personal account will be created for this address automatically and immediately to join the buying-gift (The main thing in this moment, that you came out of his office, otherwise the course will be attached to you, and not to give to someone).
  3. Pay as usual and write tech support, that the course or workshop paid for as a gift for such a location and specify the date when you want to attach to the profile of the person to whom a gift. In this case, it is important. that, in addition to whom you give the site was his private office.
IMPORTANT! Pay attention to the timing of courses of action and master classes

How can you tell whether you received the money, and I registered on the course. About registration I did not see anything. Pay with your site.

After successful payment you must come to the mailbox email confirming that the program is available, and it immediately appears in your personal account. If not, then:

  1. payment failed
  2. you are logged on site another profile (sometimes people are the basis of input from different social networks is different, indicating their email addresses).

If all payment, but joined the other to your profile, then email to tech support on and the course will move in your usual office.
If you are sure that the payment has passed (checked and money written off in the card or account), and in the office is still course not: write about a problem to tech support and apply the payment information (in the payment or receipt always have the information: the date and time name. , the name of the bank or the system (webMoney, etc.). and to our accounting department will now begin the search.

How to use the basket?
  • You select the desired course or workshop using the orange button "Enroll"
  • Add it to your cart
  • If necessary, press the button "continue selection" and thus add up to cart all the desired video courses
  • When you are finished, enter the cart (over the button "go to shopping cart" or the icon in the upper right corner of the screen) and you can see information about the selected educational programs: the cost and duration of study. At this point, you can remove unnecessary - just click on the sign of closing the right of the course or workshop (on the cross).
  • If you are logged in to your profile on the website, you can immediately proceed to the payment.
  • If you're not logged in to your profile on the site, or you have it has not been created, it is necessary to make a valid email address before pay for purchases. This e-mail address will be automatically wound up a profile on the site and that it will be attached to the purchased video courses or workshops.
  • When you pay, you can choose:

  • Credit cards (through "Avangard" Bank)
  • PayPal
  • Electronic money (on, YandexMoney, Webmoney, qiwi, various POS terminals, communication salons "The Messenger" and others.)
  • Also in electronic money is payment by bank cards VISA, MasterCard, Peace on through another billing aggregator (SberbankOnlayn, Promsvyazbank, Alfa-Bank, and others.
I paid for (a) a course or a workshop, but could not get it due to unforeseen circumstances. You can get a refund?

We can give you back the money paid for a workshop or course, but the refund amount will be 10% less than the original cost. If you want to issue a refund, please contact us at