Winter. River. Master class of Ion Karkelan.
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This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) And in the winter snowy forest is a place bright colors. This mirror-freezing river, framed by the last year's grass, and green branches of firs, thrown off the snowy coats, jackets and children, sledding, and blue walls of a hospitable house on the hill. Winter landscape can be warm and cozy, and bright. Together with the Moldavian artist Ion Karkelanom you will draw in the wet on wet technique landscape no pencil sketch! Will pass all stages of horror - when everything is flowing uncontrollably, to astonishment, that all turns out! You will be able to observe and learn artistic techniques, which generously shares the artist. That draw on the picture to make it a truly beautiful and emotional content? What is important to portray the landscape, and which parts can be omitted? How not to overload the pattern accents and at the same time is not afraid of saturated color? All these questions you will answer with a master of watercolor colorful streams Ion Karkelanom. In this lesson, you'll draw a gentle winter landscape. No pencil - only water, brush and watercolor! Following the lesson, you will add a beautiful picture, which will decorate your home, becoming a bright interior detail. Or maybe, this work will be a great gift to your friends and family. Artist Ion write painting step by step, starting with the long-range plan and going to detail and the main characters in the foreground. In operation, the artist explain features art and share the secrets of their paintings. You will see how a professional artist, you hear a lot about the creative process and after the master yourself be inspired and write his painting - bold, adventurous, without outline - a fair copy soon! We, Enterclass team carefully and professionally give all the nuances of color and light, the mood of the details and professionalism of the master, we will create for you the full effect of the presence in our studio in Moscow. Find a creative courage! Try to paint in an unusual technique!
What you’ll learn:
get acquainted with the technique of painting "wet on wet";
pay attention to color and composition;
write a picture to the scene and mood;
I realize that on an ordinary drawing paper, you can draw miracles!
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