Portrait and figurative. Master Class Anastasia Kustova (plot 2)
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This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) Confidence in the present day turn peeps in the young man's shoulders, concerns lurks between the eyebrows elderly cyclist, caring daughter holds her palm. Joy, tenderness, the desire to conquer the world, fatigue, passion ... About all tell the viewer human facial expressions, his posture, movement. Do you want to learn how to draw the characters and emotions? Together with the artist we will study the human foundations of drawing, figure proportions and face. Anastasia Kustova the example simple and bulky objects show that such light and shade and reflections, gives practical advice on the selection of colors for hair and skin, answer audience questions live. We will draw sketches, and two works - figurative and portrait. Let's understand how to portray age and emotions. Anastasia tells in detail and shows the image characteristics of a person (his figures and faces). Pay attention to the choice of colors and images of light / shade and balance reflexes. In the process of the artist will share her watercolor techniques and secrets, answer questions from the audience. You'll practice with sketches of human figures and faces, get a detailed account of the process, you will hear answers to common emerging issues and just spend the day in an exciting and creative environment. We, Enterclass team carefully and professionally give all the nuances of color and light, the mood of the details and professionalism of the master, we will create for you the full effect of the presence in our studio in Moscow. Spend a creative day with benefit and pleasure! Anastasia Kustova - professional artist who has created himself. Anastasia graduated engineering degree and worked for a long time in their field. Self-taught drawing from books and video tutorials, I tried different techniques and materials, to hone skills. For five years she was a freelance artist: traveling around the world, draws and teaches! Anastasia participates in exhibitions, master classes and open-air, teaches courage in painting watercolors. In the gallery on the expert's page you can see a lot of her work. Due to the complete cycle of video production studio site, a team of professionals, we do video Full HD-quality. Online broadcast will be carried out for you with multiple cameras. Macro ideal color- and light transmission will allow you to see all the details and nuances of the painting process. Watch the broadcast on any device! Be creative with the master and hundreds of the same enthusiastic, communicate, get inspiration, support, answers to questions and discounts on video courses Enterclass.
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