How to draw people. Anastasia Kustova's course
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This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) How to draw not just a portrait, character, emotion, charisma? How to grasp the similarities and make watercolor bulk and live? Around us hundreds of people, attitudes and smiles every day we remember the images are captured and giving up part of their charm. Erase all the fears and tell stories in watercolor faces in the new course of Anastasia Kustova! Portrait - this extract your skill, observation of the artist and the desire to create! Over the four lessons you will learn how to draw people to feel proportions and capture a portrait likeness. Take four steps from simple to complex, from the general silhouette from the back to the figures in the dynamics together with the artist Anastasia Kustova. This course in drawing people to support beginners and keen to add confidence. Be creative easily, clearly, at any time and in any place that inspires you! Lessons are available immediately and forever. Each lesson is divided into separate video (stages). You look like the master works, listening to explanations, follow the prompts. Each lesson - a master-class Anastasia Kustova, on which she paints a picture, explaining in detail each stroke of his brush. Be creative with the master! Due to the complete cycle of video production - own studio, a team of professionals - we make high quality courses. For your convenience, each lesson is divided into steps. To pass this course, the level of artistic skills is not important!
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