24 hours. Night of Sergey Kurbatov
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This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) Night Mysteries, the kingdom of moonlight and lights of big cities. The most important and festive night of the year New Year, when the Earth comes to a new orbit around the Sun, and we look forward to change and the best achievements. Spend the night creatively, with a new course Sergey Kurbatov. Sergey Kurbatov, "I tried to clearly and slowly show you the night, to explain the meaning of their action without haste or the pursuit of drying paint all smoothly and detail to me of these stories became the opening, and now you can discover them for yourself Get New.... knowledge, skills, and just let time run invisibly in the company of her Majesty's Watercolors. Beautiful Night you! " In the course of time "24 hours. Night" you will write four paintings by urban and natural landscapes and still-life New Year's. Learn how to transfer in watercolor lighting in total darkness, will create an atmosphere of celebration and magic.          Seemingly overnight - this darkness and absence of color, but not for us. Plots night marathon full of light, sparkling lights and holiday. In order to convey a bright state, we will use other techniques, techniques, colors, unlike previous marathons. We will fantasize, to write and to invent stories, distant from the reference, collect in a single picture the different elements.
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