City landscape. Nepal. Course by Anastasia Kystova
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About course
This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) Cityscape - what we see around us constantly. But draw it come from the unit! Why? There is so much important: architecture, people, trees, and lots of details ... What's important to portray, and it is better to leave behind the scenes? How to build a song and do not distort the perspective? How to convey their thoughts and mood to the audience? With this we have to understand the course of Anastasia Kustova "Cityscapes. Nepal." In the first lesson of the course in detail step by step dismantle theory: working with tone and color, linear perspective and composition. Writing simple work overlooking a small street. In the second lesson into practice all the knowledge and draw a picture with a complex urban plot, view from an unusual angle (top) and with a large number of human figures in a landscape.   Anastasia describes in detail and particularly shows a cityscape image. Pay attention to the choice of colors and images of light / shadow. In the process of the artist will share her watercolor techniques and secrets. We, Enterclass team, carefully and professionally give all the nuances of color and light, the mood of the details and professionalism of the master, we will create for you the full effect of the presence in our studio in Moscow.
What you’ll learn:
will understand how to work with the prospect to build the track.
see especially the urban landscape
some practice fit into the picture of human figures and work with light and shadow.
worked color schemes, learn to convey mood.
write two watercolors with views of Nepal.
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