The magic of water. Course by Anastasia Kustova
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This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) Water - one of the most dynamic and fascinating elements, it catches our eyes and leaves no one indifferent. But it is not easy as it seems to us, to convey its dynamics on paper, it does not lose the vitality and volume, structure and reflexes? How to make so that the viewer looked at our work and feel the sound of waves? How not to torture watercolor unnecessary actions and not be afraid to write the water, relying only on their own experience? These questions answers a new master-class Anastasia Kustova "Magic Water". Do not be afraid to draw water, because, it is in watercolor, drawing water turns into magic. We draw water most water and its turnover only helps us in this. In this master-class Anastasia shares with you his knowledge and great plein-air practice, you will change everything so that unnecessary fears simply dissolve in water. Having a master-class "Magic water", you can write four picture four landscape with boats on the water, these pictures will be a wonderful reminder of the summer and original gift to your loved ones. If you want to learn how to draw the dynamics of water, without relying on the reference, to obtain a realistic picture, creating it out of his own imagination, to practice in the image of water in front of the open air, to learn to create in watercolor stones, light and dark reflections, yachts and boats, this master-class for you! Hone skills and explore new facets of watercolors together with Anastasia Kustova!
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