Catchers of birds. Snow stories of Marina Daykovskaya
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About course
This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) Winter. Asleep trees and houses. Fluffy snow drifts and snow flakes, houses, people, animals - all the same ringing sound. Silence can be represented in different ways. Together with the artist Marina Daykovskoy you will draw a fantasy storyline with multiple characters and plans. In this gentle watercolor snow will be a place for the figurative, portrait, animals and the landscape in the background. Work is conducted in a limited palette of raw paper. Inspired by Brueghel! In the lesson you will not repeat any of his subjects, and use the color scheme and "brueghel" look the part. Together with an expert - an artist Marina Daykovskoy - part composition on the first and future plans, and then disassemble them in detail in color and contrast. The teacher will learn a way to ensure that the paper humidity for a long enough time to paint lay down softly and gently, without sharp edges. However try to perform spectacular ink spreading, will understand how to control the humidity of the sheet and, depending on its degree of humidity, to perform different actions with watercolors. Write now to the scene and the mood!
What you’ll learn:
learn how to create a fantasy plot;
some practice in the art of crude watercolor paper;
build competent composition with several characters;
combine in a picture figurative and landscape in the background;
write watercolor, filled with snow and kindness.
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