NEW European landscapes. Watercolor workshop by Amit Kapoor (India).
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What draws the artist look in new places? Shine! The light in each his own, unique city. It is the light attaches to the work volume and drama. Together with the Indian artist Amit Kapoor will go into the creative journey and draw some sunny landscape European cities. The artist chooses different plots for the image - port with boats, view from above on urban avenues and at home - but always pays special attention to the action in the film. Each story has its own rhythm, harmony and mood! Together with the artist Amit Kapur you step by step draw watercolor different cityscapes. In each of them a different composition solution, a different direction of light and shadow. In the lessons you will pay attention to the future: one or two vanishing points? Proper perspective helps to give the image depth! You will learn to see the big picture as the movie frame, select the image and view angle. I understand that the artist is not required to copy the reference - he chooses the composition solution, puts the figures and objects in his work independently. You see how the wizard creates the dynamics at work!
What you’ll learn:
learn how important light source in the landscape (especially urban)
talk about the laws of composition and perspective
potreniruetes draw without too much detail;
dismantled with the prospect in the picture
draw four solar landscape with views of European cities
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