IS FREE! The roofs of Honfleur. Record of a master class by Sergey Kurbatov.
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This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles). The ancient town of Honfleur in the Basse-Normandie is often called "the city of artists!" Every corner of it is worthy of the brush of the painter. This city is not fake, it is not spoiled by the buildings of our days, people live here in an authentic setting, like hundreds of years ago. Beautiful streets and parks, harbor and marina, stone towers and a wooden church and artist Sergei Kurbatov lucky to see Honfleur from a height. View piles roofs, wave rises above the city, amid the boundless sky, illuminated by the light of the rising sun, has inspired him to create this landscape. Sergey Kurbatov is willing to share with you this inspiration and invites you to a joint work of the new master-class. Work in this lesson will not begin with the pencil sketch and a "warm-up". You, individually, worked on sketches of the air ( "heavenly") part of the landscape and architecture. You pick up the paint, build a track, to work with the wash and then proceed to the final work. Drawing sky, occupying most of the landscape, you will learn how to do smoothly stretched gradient between the different colors, you will understand what actually colors to choose, and in what order to apply paint to the sheet. Clouds you will create in the technique of "on-wet", learn how to give them a different shape and color, and to do so, to give them a different density and light. Sergei tells how not afraid of piling up of architectural structures, and perceive it as a collection of patches of color, and highlighting some of the details, create the illusion of the city. You will see how easy Sergey watercolor paints and as detailed comments on your actions! Watch, learn, catch inspiration!
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