Drawing is happiness! City landscapes with Sergey Lysy
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This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) Happiness is fleeting, happiness lives within us, happiness is a draw! Calm, inner freedom, quiet, or sparkling joy that's priceless gifts that drawing generously gives to everyone who once set foot on the path of the artist. Open new side of creativity, hone skills and deepen knowledge and find their own happiness to draw informed Sergey Bald and Enterclass! Together with an expert you draw four Lithuanian plot places that fill the tranquility and inspired masters, places of happiness! Focus on color and tone in watercolor. Having worked with the architecture and water color, learn to convey the mood and the special atmosphere of the favorite places in the film. The artist once worked in color, but, for convenience, in each lesson you will find a pencil drawing.
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