The basics of anatomy. Human Body Painting Course
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Why is man so hard to draw? Because it is constantly in motion. Static can be landscape or architectural ensemble, but not a man. Inside it, move your muscles and mind, overwhelmed with emotion. Artist "reads" them in the position of the body and transferred to the sheet of paper - then turns drawing realistic and alive. In this course, Leo Kaplan introduces you to the basics of plastic anatomy, study different proportions of human figures, will portray the human figure and tone using simple forms. And most importantly, will cease to be afraid to draw a person and learn to do quickly and easily, without even for references! Starting dates available for free viewing. In 10 easy lessons gathered basic information, how to draw the human figure in different dynamic poses in different ways. Obtained in the course of Leo Kaplan skills will become a base for your own sketches. Important! You will learn how to represent any human posture without the sitters and the reference - it is in the future will greatly expand your possibilities in painting or illustration. Due to the complete cycle of video production studio site, a team of professionals, we make high quality courses. Lessons take place on its own online platform. For your convenience, each lesson is divided into steps. Watch them on any device, computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone.
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