Inspiration at hand. Watercolor sketching
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This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) How to draw quickly, clearly and confidently? Liven up your work and stop being afraid of rich colors? How to start, when anything is unclear or continue when it seems that it is impossible? Watercolor knows no bounds. Freedom, unpredictability, ease things for her that we love so much, that she frightens us. Erase fears abolishing borders, expanding horizons - draw anywhere: at home, in a cafe, park ... Let your studio will be the whole world! Video on watercolor sketching on which the artist Nadia Leutloff show simple techniques that you can sketch their impressions! Together with the master students will be held from the light pencil sketch to a colorful sketch. For four lessons will be clear how to draw a variety of subjects - from the artist's tools to desserts and jewelry. This course will suit everyone: Only beginners and professional artists. For some, it will be a simple and quick start. Others will find new inspiration, see around the new plots, will practice in the minimalist style of the image. And most importantly, you will understand that nature is drawing all around! The main thing to note is that you inspire.  You see? Reach more colors!
What you’ll learn:
draw a four-story,
learn to highlight important
Learn how to find the references of
You will understand how to achieve maximum results with minimum effort and resources
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