24 hours. Morning by Sergey Kurbatov
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This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) From this course you will learn how to be a real unusual seascape. Learn how to add a picture of color and light, transfer paper transparent mountain air, bright sun and deep shadows in the morning in the mountains. You learn how to paint in watercolor waking southern city and plunge into the green meadows. Artist Sergey Kurbatov shares professional knowledge and techniques, talks about how to draw a landscape in morning light, while maintaining the softness of shades. The expert will show you how to build the track and run in different planes in the picture: the front, middle and far. Together with the master you step through several steps in the technique works on wet and dry watercolor paper draw some landscapes. To begin, you can admire the picturesque bay in Normandy Honfleur, reflections of the old walls and crisp white Boats lined composition, to work with the tone and lighten dark areas to fill. Next, you miraculously found myself in the morning Marseilles, unrecognizable calm and peaceful in the morning. Learn how to transfer all the attractive and lovely heart features the morning in the city: the light shade of the narrow streets, the sky bright and soft light on historic buildings.              In the mountains, you will plunge into the transparency and freshness of early morning, learn to work in tone and contrasting combinations, creating harmony and not forgetting the mood. Once in the morning on the water meadows, you will not only remember the smell of dew and silk grass, but also with the masters learned to achieve the scope and depth of the composition, to work with lace cover and a special transparent air, and even distribute plot dominant and potreniruetes correctly assemble elements .
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