24 hours. Sergey Kurbatov Day
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This video tutorial on watercolor painting has a translation into English (subtitles) This course will allow you to spend a day in different places, your guide and mentor to Sergey Kurbatov. You will walk along the columns of Gostiny Dvor in Suzdal, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the soothing tranquility of a country town. Sweep over the vineyards and ancient towns of Tuscany, having experienced the rising summer day, the sun's rays on the skin, and breathe in the fragrance of mountain meadows. You can rest under the trees at the pier in Lake Balaton, admiring the soft glow of the sun on a blue surface of the water and slim matches boats. Under the quiet rustle of leaves you feel like serenity is born. Finally, you will be intoxicated by the scent of roses in the park of Bardini and plunge into the air permeated by the rays of the midday sun. This course is dedicated to the artist Sergey Kurbatov study daylight images. Together with the master, you will learn the reference and build a track, pick up the perfect color for the image of summer landscapes: urban, agriculture and gardening, create a story. Having worked with the architecture in drawings and watercolors, look at the details and build the future. Together with the master will draw crude watercolor paper, learn and use various water-color methods and techniques.   Most importantly, you do not just incrementally draw a few pictures, but also to pass the vision, express the main idea of ​​stories. These paintings will be a perfect reminder of warm, sunny summer days.
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